Intercultural Change Management

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India, the market of the future

The Indian market is becoming increasingly interesting for German companies. However, according to Bergthaler (2017), more than 50 percent of joint ventures fail in the first three years and 80 percent of Indo-German joint ventures even fail long term. Soft factors, such as differences in organizational cultures, are usually at the root of this major problem.

Do you consider to promote changes in your Indian branch in order to increase your success potential?

With Interchange we offer you an approach by which we jointly develop, implement and evaluate solutions.

„Culture eats strategy for breakfast“ (Peter Drucker)

Our consulting concept supports Indo-German companies and organizations in realizing change processes. In the course of this process we help you to identify intercultural misunderstandings, to respond to them adequately and to prevent them in the future.
We work with state of the art and scientifically validated concepts and models of personnel, organizational and management development and guide and train your team so that you can deal autonomously with intercultural challenges.

Interchange: Intercultural Change Management

We are specialized in the utilization of culture-specific, mutual support, consulting and optimization potentials of Indo-German corporations. This is where we set in and this is where our expertise is based on.
With us you can advance your business efforts in India.


The consulting concept was developed in cooperation with MTO Psychological Research and Consulting GmbH, the Excellence Initiative and the Asia-Orient Institute of the University of Tuebingen. After the initial development, the approach was evaluated by external experts and evaluated as very promising. In 2019, the concept was piloted and subsequently further improved at an Indian branch of a renowned German company.
We attach great value to combining practical experience from industry with state of the art scientific methods and management consulting approaches. To this end, we engage and maintain a lively exchange between experts from Germany and India.


Our consulting concept consists of three modules, which can also be used individually:

  1. Diagnosis: The present status of the focused organisational unit is determined using a multi-method approach.

  2. Change Process: We use the implicit knowledge of employees in tandem with our expertise to initiate, accompany and guide change.

  3. Evaluation: The interim results of the measures implemented are reviewed and adjusted to ensure a targeted approach.

Model of Methodology

Our offer

We offer our customers a qualitative, customized consulting concept. We support the adaptability of your organization, making it more agile and competitive. This is done by actively incorporating the cultural context in which your organization operates. Our consulting services are based on state of the art methods and results of qualitative management research and our many years of experience.

Interchange focuses on systematic qualitative data collection and thereby achieves substantial customized results. Over a period of several months, our consultants conduct interviews, focus groups and participatory observations and supplement these with additional relevant methods. In doing so the development of a relationship of trust with and between the client's employees and management is of particular importance. Through this intensive cooperation, the support of all participants can be achieved.

Cooperation and trust are essential for shaping a successful future!

We are looking forward to advise you individually and provide you with an offer tailored to your needs. Give us a call for a non-binding initial consultation: +49 (0) 7071-91015 or contact us via mail!

Information Material

You can find an example of our approach in our Sample Tools

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What we do

MTO Psychological Research and Consulting GmbH is an independent, scientifically working research and consulting company. Since 1994, MTO GmbH has been advising large and medium-sized companies as well as public institutions and foundations in Germany, Europe and Asia. To date, more than 800 development and evaluation projects have been successfully implemented. MTO GmbH stands for a combination of scientifically substantiated work and practical orientation as well as for close cooperation between client and contractor.

Who we are

Under the leadership of the managing directors Dr. Markus Giray, Dr. Jürgen Ripper and Horst Waschulewski, MTO employs more than 50 permanent scientific researchers, more than 20 permanent administrative staff members and scientific assistants. Our team consists of scientific experts from various disciplines: Psychology, pedagogy, sociology, social-cultural anthropology, computer science, sports science, German studies, media science, and economics.
We focus on the individual skills of our employees. For us, a vibrant organizational culture also includes consistent promotion of the compatibility of family and career.